AI-Powered API Management with Kong and Kubernetes
Meetup hosted by Kong

Kong in-person Meetup "AI-Powered API Management with Kong and Kubernetes"

Welcome to an event with OPITZ CONSULTING and Kong.

18:00 - 18:30 Everyone arrives, networking, snacks
18:30 - 19:15 [Talk 1] How to use Kong AI capabilities to Automate API governance by Jordi Fernandez (Principal Architect, Kong)
19:15 - 20:00 [Talk 2] Streamlining Kubernetes Ingress Management with Kubernetes Gateway Operator by Sven Bernhardt (Chief Architect, OPITZ CONSULTING)
20:00 - 20:30 Networking, snacks & drinks

1) How to use Kong AI capabilities to Automate API governance
Kong recently announced the new open source AI Gateway with multi-LLM support, no-code AI plugins, advanced prompt engineering, and more. This allows developers who want to integrate one or more LLMs into their products to be more productive and ship AI capabilities faster, while offering a solution to architects and platform teams that ensures visibility, control, and compliance on every AI request.

Some aspects of API governance can be challenging to automate and align across API teams. In this session, we’ll dive into the new capabilities of the AI gateway, and how they can be leveraged to automate API governance.

In this talk you will learn

  • How to setup Kong Gateway to leverage the new AI capabilities
  • How to create a API platform service using Kong AI Gateway that generates API portal documentation based on a OpenAPI specification.

2) Streamlining Kubernetes Ingress Management with Kubernetes Gateway Operator
Efficient and secure ingress management is crucial in Kubernetes environments. The Kong Gateway Operator (KGO) provides a comprehensive solution by integrating with Kubernetes to offer a robust API Gateway that simplifies and enhances ingress management. Sven will delve into the advantages of using the Kong Gateway Operator and discuss the simplicity of getting up and running with KGO and concrete Gateway instances.

In addition, he will show how Kong's features, such as authentication and rate limiting, can be utilized to protect and optimize Kubernetes services. Learn how the Kong Gateway Operator can streamline your ingress management, improve security, and boost performance in your Kubernetes deployments.

18:00 Uhr
21:00 Uhr
OPITZ CONSULTING, Weltenburger Straße 4 81677 München
Sven Bernhardt

Sven is a technology enthusiast and works for OPITZ CONSULTING in Germany as Chief Architect as part of the Corporate Development team. In his role, he manages the technology portfolio and develops Best Practices and Guidelines. In addition, Sven supports his colleagues in implementing Software solutions for Customers.

Sven regularly speaks at various conferences about technology or architecture topics and shares his thoughts and experiences through articles and blog posts

Jordi Fernandez

Jordi is a Principal Architect at Kong, where he is dedicated to empowering EMEA’s enterprise customers by developing API platforms and enhancing their API management practices. His role spans from thought leadership to actively contributing code to Kong’s platform products. He contributed for over seven years to the API transformation of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Kerstin Kriener

Senior Referentin Marketing Events

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