Unlock the Power of APIs
How Poly API leverages AI to make APIs truly usable and enterprises more secure

Unlock the Power of APIs

Webcast about how Poly API leverages AI to make APIs truly usable and enterprises more secure

Reading the specifications of APIs and truly using them are not the same! If you want to modernize your IT, it may not be sufficient to just provide a developer portal containing API specifications as consumers need to figure out on how to use an API by understanding its specification.   

Poly API offers a disruptive approach, which helps you finding the right APIs with ease and confidence. Its interactive interface helps to simplify the integration of relevant APIs and increase developer productivity by providing sample code and documentation. All powered by artificial intelligence.  

In this webinar, Sven and Darko will provide an overview of the capabilities of Poly API. Through a live demo and discussion of use cases, they will show the benefits of this revolutionary approach for API integration. You'll learn by example and experience how Poly API helps developers streamline their processes and achieve better results faster. In addition, by empowering API consumers to consume APIs easier, the Poly API Platform also makes an important contribution to enterprise security. 

If you are in charge of unlocking the power of APIs, this talk is essential. Join this conversation and learn directly from the presenters' experiences, which is worth more than any reference book. Secure your seat in this webinar now! 

15:00 Uhr
Darko Vukovic

Darko Vukoivc is a seasoned product manager with a decade of experience at industry-leading companies such as MuleSoft, Oracle, and Google Apigee. Specializing in the integration and automation domains, Darko has consistently focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to create cutting-edge products that streamline and enhance digital interactions.

Among his notable achievements, Darko has played a pivotal role in developing the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange and the Oracle API Platform. Currently, he is working on PolyAPI, an innovative project aimed at making APIs more consumable by humans, applications, and AI, further demonstrating his commitment to improving user experiences and advancing technology in the API integration and automation space.

Sven Bernhardt

Sven Bernhardt is a technology enthusiast and works for OPITZ CONSULTING in Germany as Chief Architect as part of the Corporate Development team. Within his role, he’s responsible for managing the technology portfolio and developing best practices and guidelines. In addition, Sven supports his colleagues with implementing software solutions for customers.

Sven acts as regular speaker on various conferences, talking about technology or architecture topics, and is also sharing his thoughts and experiences by writing articles and blog posts. Furthermore, he engages in development communities and is Kong Champion as well as Oracle ACE Pro.

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